Sunday, January 20, 2013

bangladeshi pigeon (বাংলাদেশি কবুতর)

pigeon of Bangladesh

pigeon of Bangladesh is most famous over the humanity. Asian pigeon has antithetical identify of beauty. most product of people are petting pigeon for there care and most ascertain fill are exploit pigeon to acquire money. i leave try to deal you to learn how to head money by pigeons. pigeons are vary pulchritudinous birds. Bangladesh is also stunning pigeons eff superimposed its example Solon. now i am leaving to evince you some ravishing Bangladeshi pigeons picture/photo  :

group of Bangladesh making money by petting some types Asiatic pigeons breeds . racing pigeons breeds is most famous to them. homing pigeon also gives them money by marketing

pigeon farm of Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশের কবুতরের ফার্ম)  

Bangladeshi pigeon farm is also awesome and looking good. i will try to give you some picture of Bangladeshi pigeons farm. people of Bangladesh make money by pigeon farm by petting best breeds pigeon and best bloods of pigeons. in a farm live most number of pigeons. farm owner treat pigeons by doctor and best guidelines. treatment of pigeon is one of most impotent things.  

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