Sunday, January 6, 2013

maulana tariq jameel bayan mp3 free dowmload 2013

Maulana tariq jameel is one of the best speaker of Islam. He has many type of knowledge in Islam. Many people is being good by Allah word. Allah gives Maulana tariq jameel knowledge of Islam to lead human right ways. In this world needs copy of maulana tariq jameel. when i heard his bayan i was pleased. i was also heard bayan of  Ahmad lat shaheb, mufti taqi usmani, mufti anas yunous,maulana zubayer shaheb, and many hadrats.

i heard bayan of those ulama by downloading free mp3 from online.I have one request to you please don't hear songs. hear Islamic hamd or naath without music. music forbidden in Islam. Despise and reject haram songs and promise at onec to not hear song in your life again. Ask Allah to forgive you and us.